About CVA

CVA has been offering professional sound system solutions to a wide range of entertainment venues since 1992.

CVA’s expertise, coupled with One Voice and other good products have enabled many great sound system solutions.

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In the Beginning

speakers CVA was founded in 1992 by Craig Varty. Previously Craig worked at Shuttle Sound for five years in the service department which is where his foundations for technical knowledge were built.

Craig spotted a niche in the market to supply high quality permanently installed sound systems (not just a touring rig dumped in two stacks) into venues on a contract hire basis.

Systems were built in Craig’s parents garages and installed into a few London venues such as Lime light, The Paradise Club and Leisure Lounge then CVA’s reputation spread and systems were ordered by The Hacienda, Cream, Hard Times, Club UK, Gate Crasher, Back to Basics and Club UK to name but a few, CVA was born.

Many of the core staff have been with the company for at least ten years, which make for good continuity and knowledge learned from each job is carried to the next. CVA infrastructure of engineers live and work throughout the UK.


Where to Find CVA

CVA’s head office is in there purpose built offices and work shops in Brooklands, Weybridge, Surrey.

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They also have a Northern work shop and warehousing facility in Wigan.